Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using Vocal Transformer’s Robotize Mode

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Using Vocal Transformer’s Robotize Mode

When Robotize is enabled, Vocal Transformer can augment or diminish the melody. You
can control the intensity of this distortion with the Tracking parameter.

The Tracking slider and field feature is enhanced by four buttons which immediately set
the slider to the most useful values, as follows:

−1 (sets the slider to −100%): All intervals are mirrored.

0 (sets the slider to 0%): Delivers interesting results, with every syllable of the vocal clip

being sung at the same pitch. Low values turn sung lines into spoken language.

1 (sets the slider to 100%): The range of the melody is maintained. Higher values augment,

and lower values diminish, the melody.

2 (sets the slider to 200%): The intervals are doubled.

The Pitch Base parameter is used to transpose the note that the Tracking parameter is
following. As an example: With Tracking set to 0%, the pitch of the (spoken) note will be
transposed to the chosen base pitch value.


Chapter 9

Vocal Effects