Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Vocal Transformer

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Vocal Transformer

The Vocal Transformer can be used to transpose the pitch of a vocal line, to augment or
diminish the range of the melody, or even to reduce it to a single note that mirrors the
pitches of a melody. No matter how you change the pitches of the melody, the constituent
parts of the signal (formants) remain the same.

You can shift the formants independently, which means that you can turn a vocal clip
into a Mickey Mouse voice, while maintaining the original pitch. Formants are characteristic
emphases of certain frequency ranges. They are static and do not change with pitch.
Formants are responsible for the specific timbre of a given human voice.


Chapter 9

Vocal Effects

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The Vocal Transformer is well suited to extreme vocal effects. The best results are achieved
with monophonic signals, including monophonic instrument clips. It is not designed for
polyphonic voices—such as a choir on a single clip—or other choral clips.