Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Pitch Correction Effect

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Pitch Correction Effect

You can use the Pitch Correction effect to correct the pitch of incoming audio signals.
Improper intonation is a common problem with vocal clips, for example. The sonic artifacts
that can be introduced by the process are minimal and can barely be heard, as long as
your corrections are moderate.

Pitch correction works by accelerating and slowing down the audio playback speed,
ensuring that the input signal (sung vocal) always matches the correct note pitch. If you
try to correct larger intervals, you can create special effects. Natural articulations of the
performance, such as breath noises, are preserved. Any scale can be defined as a pitch
reference (technically speaking, this is known as a pitch quantization grid), with improperly
intonated notes corrected in accordance with this scale.

Note: Polyphonic recordings, such as choirs, and highly percussive signals with prominent
noisy portions can’t be corrected to a specific pitch. Despite this, feel free to try the plug-in
on drum signals!