Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - DeEsser

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DeEsser Detector Section

Detector Frequency knob and field: Sets the frequency range for analysis.

Detector Sensitivity knob and field: Sets the degree of responsiveness to the input signal.

Monitor pop-up menu: Choose Det(ector) to monitor the isolated Detector signal,

Sup(pressor) to monitor the filtered Suppressor signal, Sens(itivity) to remove the sound
from the input signal in response to the Sensitivity parameter, or Off to hear the DeEsser

DeEsser Suppressor Section

Suppressor Frequency knob and field: Sets the frequency band that is reduced when the

Detector sensitivity threshold is exceeded.

Strength knob and field: Sets the amount of gain reduction for signals that surround

the Suppressor frequency.

Activity LED: Indicates active suppression in real time.

DeEsser Center Section

Detector and Suppressor frequency displays: The upper display shows the Detector

frequency range. The lower display shows the Suppressor frequency range (in Hz).

Smoothing slider: Sets the reaction speed of the gain reduction start and end phases.

Smoothing controls both the attack and release times, as they are used by compressors.


Chapter 9

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