Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - SubBass

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The SubBass plug-in generates frequencies below those of the original signal, resulting
in artificial bass content.


Chapter 8

Specialized Effects and Utilities

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The simplest use for the SubBass is as an octave divider, similar to octaver effect pedals
for electric bass guitars. Whereas such pedals can only process a monophonic input sound
source of clearly defined pitch, SubBass can be used with complex summed signals as
well. See

Using SubBass


SubBass creates two bass signals, derived from two separate portions of the incoming
signal. These are defined with the High and Low parameters. See

SubBass Parameters



Using SubBass can produce extremely loud output signals. Choose moderate

monitoring levels, and only use loudspeakers that are actually capable of reproducing
the very low frequencies produced. Never try to force a loudspeaker to output these
frequency bands with an EQ.