Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using the MultiMeter’s Correlation Meter

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Using the MultiMeter’s Correlation Meter

The Correlation Meter gauges the phase relationship of a stereo signal. The Correlation
Meter’s scale values indicate the following:

• A +1 correlation value indicates that the left and right channels correlate 100%. In other

words, the left and right signals are in phase and are the same shape.

• Correlation values in the blue zone (between +1 and the middle position) indicate that

the stereo signal is mono compatible.

• The middle position indicates the highest allowable amount of left/right divergence,

which is often audible as an extremely wide stereo effect.


Chapter 8

Specialized Effects and Utilities

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• When the Correlation Meter moves into the red area to the left of the center position,

out-of-phase material is present. This will lead to phase cancellations if the stereo signal
is combined into a mono signal.