Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using the MultiMeter Goniometer

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Using the MultiMeter Goniometer

A goniometer helps you to judge the coherence of the stereo image and determine phase
differences between the left and right channels. Phase problems are easily spotted as
trace cancellations along the center line (M—mid/mono).

The idea of the goniometer was born with the advent of early two-channel oscilloscopes.
To use such devices as goniometers, users would connect the left and the right stereo
channels to the X and Y inputs, while rotating the display by 45° to produce a useful
visualization of the signal’s stereo phase.

The signal trace slowly fades to black, imitating the retro glow of the tubes found in older
goniometers, while also enhancing the readability of the display.

Goniometer button: Switches the main display to Goniometer mode.

Auto Gain field: Sets the amount of display compensation for low input levels. You can

set Auto Gain levels in 10% increments, or set it to off.

Note: To avoid confusion with the Auto Gain parameter found in other effects and
processors (such as compressors), Auto Gain is only used as a display parameter in the
meters. It increases display levels to enhance readability. It does not change the actual
audio levels.

Decay field: Determines the time it takes for the Goniometer trace to fade to black.


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