Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using the MultiMeter Analyzer

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Using the MultiMeter Analyzer

In Analyzer mode, the MultiMeter’s main display shows the frequency spectrum of the
input signal as 31 independent frequency bands. Each frequency band represents one-third
of an octave. The Analyzer parameters are used to activate Analyzer mode, and to
customize the way that the incoming signal is shown in the main display.

Analyzer parameters


Analyzer button: Switches the main display to Analyzer mode.

Left, Right, LRmax, and Mono buttons: Determine which channels are displayed in the

Analyzer results, in the main display.

Left or Right: Displays the left or right channels.

LRmax: Displays the maximum level of the stereo inputs.

Mono: Displays the spectrum of the mono sum of both (stereo) inputs.

View fields: Alter the way that values are shown in the Analyzer by setting the maximum

level displayed (Top) and the overall dynamic range (Range).

Mode buttons: Determine how levels are displayed. You can choose from Peak, Slow

RMS, or Fast RMS characteristics.

• The two RMS modes show the effective signal average, and provide a representative

overview of perceived volume levels.

• The Peak mode shows level peaks accurately.

Scale (shown in main display): Indicates the scale of levels. Adjusting the scale is useful

when analyzing highly compressed material, as it makes it easier to identify small level
differences. Drag vertically on the scale to adjust.


Chapter 8

Specialized Effects and Utilities