Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - MultiMeter

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The MultiMeter provides a collection of professional gauge and analysis tools in a single
window. It includes:

• An Analyzer to view the level of each 1/3-octave frequency band


Chapter 8

Specialized Effects and Utilities

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• A Goniometer for judging phase coherency in a stereo sound field

• A Correlation Meter to spot mono phase compatibility

• An integrated Level Meter to view the signal level for each channel

You can view either the Analyzer or Goniometer results in the main display area. You
switch the view and set other MultiMeter parameters with the controls on the left side
of the interface.

Peak parameters

Analyzer parameters

Goniometer parameters

Correlation Meter

Level Meter

Main display in
Analyzer view

While you can insert the MultiMeter directly into any clip, it is more commonly used when
you are working on the overall mix.


Chapter 8

Specialized Effects and Utilities