Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using the Direction Mixer’s Spread Parameter

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Using the Direction Mixer’s Spread Parameter

The Direction Mixer’s Spread parameter behavior changes when fed LR or MS signals.
These differences are outlined below:

When working with LR signals, the following applies to the Direction Mixer’s Spread

• At a neutral value of 1, the left side of the signal is positioned precisely to the left and

the right side precisely to the right. As you decrease the Spread value, the two sides
move toward the center of the stereo image.

• A value of 0 produces a summed mono signal—both sides of the input signal are routed

to the two outputs at the same level. At values greater than 1, the stereo base is
extended out to an imaginary point beyond the spatial limits of the speakers.

The following applies when working with MS signals:

• Values of 1 or higher increase the level of the side signal, making it louder than the

middle signal.

• At a value of 2, you hear only the side signal.


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