Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Direction Mixer

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Direction Mixer

You can use the Direction Mixer to decode middle and side audio recordings or to spread
the stereo base of a left/right recording and determine its pan position.


Chapter 8

Specialized Effects and Utilities

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The Direction Mixer works with any type of stereo recording, regardless of the miking
technique used. For information about XY, AB, and MS recordings, see

Getting to Know

Stereo Miking Techniques


Input buttons: Click the LR button if the input signal is a standard left/right signal, and

click the MS button if the signal is middle and side encoded.

Spread slider and field: Determines the spread of the stereo base in LR input signals.

Determines the level of the side signal in MS input signals. See

Using the Direction

Mixer’s Spread Parameter


Direction knob and field: Determines the pan position for the middle—the center of

the stereo base—of the recorded stereo signal. See

Using the Direction Mixer’s Direction