Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Denoiser Main Parameters

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Denoiser Main Parameters

The Denoiser offers the following main parameters:

Graphic display

Reduce slider and field

Threshold slider and field

Noise Type slider and field

Threshold slider and field: Sets the threshold level. Signals that fall below this level are

reduced by the Denoiser.

Reduce slider and field: Sets the amount of noise reduction applied to signals that fall

below the threshold. When reducing noise, remember that each 6 dB reduction is
equivalent to halving the volume level (and each 6 dB increase equals a doubling of
the volume level).

Note: If the noise floor of your recording is very high (more than −68 dB), reducing it
to a level of −83 to −78 dB should be sufficient, provided this doesn’t introduce any
audible side effects. This effectively reduces the noise by more than 10 dB, to less than
half of the original (noise) volume.

Noise Type slider and field: Determines the type of noise that you want to reduce.

• A value of 0 equals white noise (equal frequency distribution).

• Positive values change the noise type to pink noise (harmonic noise; greater bass


• Negative values change the noise type to blue noise (hissy tape noise).

Graphic display: Shows how the lowest volume levels of your audio material—which

should be mostly, or entirely, noise—are reduced. Changes to parameters are instantly
reflected here, so keep an eye on it.


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