Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - PlatinumVerb Early Reflections Parameters

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PlatinumVerb Early Reflections Parameters

The PlatinumVerb offers the following Early Reflections parameters:

Predelay slider and field: Determines the amount of time between the start of the original

signal and the arrival of the early reflections. Extremely short Predelay settings can
color the sound and make it difficult to pinpoint the position of the signal source. Overly
long Predelay settings can be perceived as an unnatural echo and can divorce the
original signal from its early reflections, leaving an audible gap between them.

The optimum Predelay setting depends on the type of input signal—or more precisely,
the envelope of the input signal. Percussive signals generally require shorter predelays
than signals where the attack fades in gradually. A good working method is to use the
longest possible Predelay value before you start to hear undesirable side effects, such
as an audible echo. When you reach this point, reduce the Predelay setting slightly.

Room Shape slider and field: Defines the geometric form of the room. The numeric value

(3 to 7) represents the number of corners in the room. The graphic display visually
represents this setting.

Room Size slider and field: Determines the dimensions of the room. The numeric value

indicates the length of the room’s walls—the distance between two corners.

Stereo Base slider and field: Defines the distance between the two virtual microphones

that are used to capture the signal in the simulated room.

Note: Spacing the microphones slightly farther apart than the distance between two
human ears generally delivers the best, and most realistic, results. This parameter is
available only in stereo instances of the effect.

ER Scale slider and field (Extended Parameters area): Scales the early reflections along

the time axis, influencing the Room Shape, Room Size, and Stereo Base parameters


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