Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - PlatinumVerb

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The PlatinumVerb allows you to edit both the early reflections and diffuse reverb tail
separately, making it easy to precisely emulate real rooms. Its dual-band Reverb section
splits the incoming signal into two bands, each of which is processed and can be edited

Balance ER/Reverb slider

Early Reflections parameters

Output parameters

Reverb parameters

The interface is broken down into four parameter areas:

Early Reflections parameters: Emulates the original signal’s first reflections as they bounce

off the walls, ceiling, and floor of a natural room. See

PlatinumVerb Early Reflections



Reverb parameters: Controls the diffuse reverberations. See

PlatinumVerb Reverb



Output parameters: Determines the balance between the effected (wet) and direct (dry)

signals. See

PlatinumVerb Output Parameters


Balance ER/Reverb slider: Controls the balance between the Early Reflections and Reverb

sections. When you set the slider to either of its extreme positions, the unused section
is deactivated.


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