Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Working in Space Designer’s IR Sample Mode

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Working in Space Designer’s IR Sample Mode

In IR Sample mode, Space Designer loads and uses an impulse response recording of an
acoustic environment. This is convolved with the incoming audio signal to place it in the
acoustic space provided by the IR.

To activate IR Sample mode


Click the IR Sample button in the circular area to the left of the main display, and then
select the desired impulse response file from any folder.

Note: If you have already loaded an impulse response file, clicking the IR Sample button
switches the mode from Synthesized IR to IR Sample mode.

To manage the loaded IR file


Click the down arrow next to the IR Sample button to open a pop-up menu with the
following commands:

Load IR: Loads an impulse response sample without changing the envelopes.

Load IR & Init: Loads an impulse response sample and initializes the envelopes.

Show in Finder: Opens a Finder window that shows the location of the currently loaded

IR file.

All impulse responses that ship with Final Cut Pro are installed in the
/Library/Audio/Impulse Responses/Apple folder. Deconvolution files have an .sdir file


Chapter 7

Space Designer Convolution Reverb

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Any mono, stereo, AIFF, SDII, or WAV file can be used as an IR. In addition, surround
formats up to 7.1, discreet audio files, and B-format audio files that comprise a single
surround IR can also be used.