Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using Space Designer’s Spread Parameters

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Using Space Designer’s Spread Parameters

The Spread and Xover knobs enhance the perceived width of the signal, without losing
the directional information of the input signal normally found in the higher frequency
range. Low frequencies are spread to the sides, reducing the amount of low frequency
content in the center—allowing the reverb to nicely wrap around the mix. The Spread
and Xover knobs function only in Synthesized IR mode.

Note: As these parameters adjust stereo or surround processing, they have no impact
when using the Space Designer as a mono plug-in.

Spread knob and field: Extends the stereo or surround base to frequencies that fall below

the frequency determined by the Xover (crossover) parameter.

• At a Spread value of 0.00, no stereo or surround information is added (although the

inherent stereo or surround information of the source signal and reverb are retained).

• At a value of 1.00, the left and right channel divergence is at its maximum.

Xover knob and field: Sets the crossover frequency in Hertz. Any synthesized impulse

response frequency that falls below this value will be affected by the Spread parameter
(at values over 0).