Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using Space Designer’s Latency Compensation Feature

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Using Space Designer’s Latency Compensation Feature

The complex calculations made by Space Designer take time. This time results in a
processing delay, or latency, between the direct input signal and the processed output
signal. When activated, the Latency Compensation feature delays the direct signal (in the
Output section) to match the processing delay of the effect signal.

Note: This is not related to latency compensation in the host application. This
compensation feature occurs entirely within Space Designer.

Space Designer’s processing latency is 128 samples at the original sample rate, and it
doubles at each lower sample rate division. If you set Space Designer’s “sample rate” slider
to “/2” the processing latency increases to 256 samples. Processing latency does not
increase in surround mode or at sample rates above 44.1 kHz.