Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using Space Designer’s Definition Parameter

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Using Space Designer’s Definition Parameter

The Definition parameter emulates the diffusion of natural reverb patterns. When used
at values of less than 100% it also reduces CPU processing requirements.

Note: The Definition steppers are visible below the main display only when you have
loaded CPU-intensive synthesized IRs.

Natural reverbs contain most of their spatial information in the first few milliseconds.
Toward the end of the reverb, the pattern of reflections—signals bouncing off walls and
so on—becomes more diffuse. In other words, the reflected signals become quieter and
increasingly nondirectional, containing far less spatial information.

To emulate this phenomenon—as well as to conserve CPU power—you can configure
Space Designer to use the full IR resolution only at the onset of the reverb, and to use a
reduced IR resolution toward the end of the reverb.

The Definition parameter defines the crossover point—where the switch to the reduced
IR resolution occurs. It is displayed in both milliseconds, indicating when the crossover
occurs, and as a percentage—100% is equal to the length of the full resolution IR.


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Space Designer Convolution Reverb