Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Working with Space Designer’s Global Parameters

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Working with Space Designer’s Global Parameters

Space Designer’s global parameters affect the overall output or behavior of the effect.
The global parameters are divided into two sections—those around the main display,
and those below the main display.


Chapter 7

Space Designer Convolution Reverb

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Space Designer Global Parameters: Upper Section
These parameters are found around the main display.

Output sliders

Rev Vol Compensation

Definition area

Latency Compensation

Input slider

Input slider: Determines how Space Designer processes a stereo or surround input

signal. For more information, see

Using Space Designer’s Input Slider


Latency Compensation button: Switches Space Designer’s internal latency compensation

feature on or off. See

Using Space Designer’s Latency Compensation Feature


Definition area: Lets you switch to a less defined IR set, in order to emulate reverb

diffusion and save CPU resources. See

Using Space Designer’s Definition Parameter


Rev Vol Compensation button: Engages Space Designer’s internal IR volume matching

function. See

Using Space Designer’s Rev Vol Compensation


Output sliders: Adjust output levels. See

Using Space Designer’s Output Sliders


Space Designer Global Parameters: Lower Section
These parameters are found below the main display.

Pre-Dly knob: Sets the reverb’s predelay time, or time between the original signal and

the first reflections from the reverb. See

Working with Pre-Dly (Predelay) in

Space Designer


IR Start knob: Sets the playback start point in the impulse response sample. See


Space Designer’s IR Start Parameter



Chapter 7

Space Designer Convolution Reverb

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Spread and Xover knobs (synthesized IRs only): Spread adjusts the perceived width of

the stereo or surround field. Xover sets the crossover frequency in Hertz. Any synthesized
impulse response frequency that falls below this value will be affected by the Spread
parameter. See

Using Space Designer’s Spread Parameters