Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using Space Designer’s Main Filter Parameters

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Using Space Designer’s Main Filter Parameters

The main filter parameters are found at the lower-left corner of the interface.

Filter On/Off button: Switches the filter section on and off.

Filter Mode knob: Determines the filter mode.

6 dB (LP): Bright, good general-purpose filter mode. It can be used to retain the top

end of most material, while still providing some filtering.

12 dB (LP): Useful where you want a warmer sound, without drastic filter effects. It is

handy for smoothing out bright reverbs.

BP: 6 dB per octave design. Reduces the lower and high end of the signal, leaving

the frequencies around the cutoff frequency intact.

HP: 12 dB per octave/two-pole design. Reduces the level of frequencies that fall

below the cutoff frequency.

Reso(nance) knob: Emphasizes frequencies above, around, or below the cutoff frequency.

The impact of the resonance knob on the sound is highly dependent on the chosen
filter mode, with steeper filter modes resulting in more pronounced tonal changes.