Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using Space Designer’s Filter Envelope

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Using Space Designer’s Filter Envelope

The filter envelope is shown in the main display when the Filter Env button is active. It
provides control of the filter cutoff frequency over time. All filter envelope parameters
can be adjusted either numerically in the parameter bar or graphically in the main display
using the techniques discussed in

Setting Space Designer’s Envelope Parameters



Chapter 7

Space Designer Convolution Reverb

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Note: Activation of the filter envelope automatically enables the main filter.

Controls the Decay
endpoint and End Level

Controls the Attack Time
endpoint (and Decay
Time startpoint) and
Break Level parameters

Init Level field: Sets the initial cutoff frequency of the filter envelope.

Attack Time field: Determines the time required to reach the Break Level (see below).

Break Level field: Sets the maximum filter cutoff frequency that the envelope reaches.

It also acts as the separation point between the attack and decay phases of the overall
filter envelope. In other words, when this level has been reached after the attack phase,
the decay phase will begin. You can create interesting filter sweeps by setting the Break
Level to a value lower than the Init Level.

Decay Time field: Determines the time required (after the Break Level point) to reach

the End Level value.

End Level field: Sets the cutoff frequency at the end of the filter envelope decay phase.