Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Working with Space Designer’s Volume Envelope

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Working with Space Designer’s Volume Envelope

The volume envelope is used to set the reverb’s initial level and adjust how the volume
will change over time. You can edit all volume envelope parameters numerically, and
many can also be edited graphically (see

Setting Space Designer’s Envelope Parameters


Attack/Decay Time node

Init Level node

Decay Time/End Level node

Init Level field: Sets the initial volume level of the impulse response attack phase. It is

expressed as a percentage of the full-scale volume of the impulse response file. The
attack phase is generally the loudest point of the impulse response. Set Init Level to
100% to ensure maximum volume for the early reflections.

Attack Time field: Determines the length of time before the decay phase of the volume

envelope begins.

Decay Time field: Sets the length of the decay phase.

Volume decay mode buttons: Set the volume decay curve type.

Exp: The output of the volume envelope is shaped by an exponential algorithm, to

generate the most natural-sounding reverb tail.

Lin: The volume decay will be more linear (and less natural sounding).

End Level field: Sets the end volume level. It is expressed as a percentage of the overall

volume envelope.

• If set to 0%, you can fade out the tail.

• If set to 100%, you can’t fade out the tail, and the reverb stops abruptly (if the end

point falls within the tail).

• If the end time falls outside the reverb tail, End Level has no effect.


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