Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Using Space Designer’s Density Envelope

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Using Space Designer’s Density Envelope

The density envelope allows you to control the density of the synthesized impulse response
over time. You can adjust the density envelope numerically in the parameter bar, and
you can edit the Init Level, Ramp Time, and End Level parameters using the techniques
described in

Setting Space Designer’s Envelope Parameters


Note: The density envelope is available only in Synthesized IR mode.

Init Level field: Sets the initial density (the average number of reflections in a given

period of time) of the reverb. Lowering the density levels will result in audible reflections
patterns and discreet echoes.

Ramp Time field: Adjusts the length of time elapsed between the Initial and End Density


End Level field: Sets the density of the reverb tail. If you select an End Level value that

is too low, the reverb tail will sound grainy. You may also find that the stereo spectrum
is affected by lower values.

Reflection Shape slider: Determines the steepness (shape) of the early reflection clusters

as they bounce off the walls, ceiling, and furnishings of the virtual space. Small values
result in clusters with a sharp contour, and large values result in an exponential slope
and a smoother sound. This is handy when recreating rooms constructed of different
materials. Reflection Shape, in conjunction with suitable settings for the envelopes,
density, and early reflection will assist you in creating rooms of almost any shape and


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Space Designer Convolution Reverb