Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Setting Space Designer’s Envelope Parameters

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Setting Space Designer’s Envelope Parameters

You can edit the volume and filter envelopes of all IRs and the density envelope of
synthesized IRs. All envelopes can be adjusted both graphically in the main display and
numerically in the parameter bar.

Whereas some parameters are envelope-specific, all envelopes consist of the Attack Time
and Decay Time parameters. The combined total of the Attack Time and Decay Time
parameters is equal to the total length of the synthesized or sampled impulse response,
unless the Decay time is reduced. See

Setting Impulse Response Lengths in Space Designer


The large nodes are value indicators of the parameters shown in the parameter bar
below—Init Level, Attack Time, Decay Time, and so on. If you edit any numerical value
in the parameter bar, the corresponding node moves in the main display.

To move an envelope node graphically in Space Designer


Drag the node in one of the available directions.

Two arrows are shown when you move the cursor over any node in the main display,
indicating possible movements.

To change Space Designer’s envelope curve shape graphically


Drag the envelope curve in the main display.


Drag the small nodes attached to a line for fine adjustments to envelope curves. These
nodes are tied to the envelope curve itself, so you can view them as envelope handles.

Move the nodes vertically
or horizontally to change
the shape of the
envelope curve.


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Space Designer Convolution Reverb