Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Automating Space Designer

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Automating Space Designer

Space Designer cannot be fully automated—unlike most other Logic plug-ins, which can
be. This is because Space Designer needs to reload the impulse response and recalculate
the convolution before audio can be routed through it.

For more information on automating the following Space Designer parameters, open
Final Cut Pro and choose Help > Final Cut Pro Help.

• Stereo Crossfeed

• Direct Output

• Reverb Output


Chapter 7

Space Designer Convolution Reverb

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Final Cut Pro includes a bundle of Logic specialized effects and utilities designed to address
tasks often encountered during audio production. As examples of where these processors
can help: Denoiser eliminates or reduces noise below a threshold level. Exciter can add
life to your recordings by generating artificial high frequency components. SubBass
generates an artificial bass signal that is derived from the incoming signal.

This chapter covers the following:

Correlation Meter

(p. 125)


(p. 126)

Direction Mixer

(p. 128)


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(p. 132)

Stereo Spread

(p. 137)


(p. 138)

Test Oscillator

(p. 140)

Correlation Meter

The Correlation Meter displays the phase relationship of a stereo signal.

• A correlation of +1 (the far right position) means that the left and right channels correlate

100%—they are completely in phase.

• A correlation of 0 (the center position) indicates the widest permissible left/right

divergence, often audible as an extremely wide stereo effect.

• Correlation values lower than 0 indicate that out-of-phase material is present, which

can lead to phase cancellations if the stereo signal is combined into a monaural signal.