Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Surround Compressor Link Parameters

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Surround Compressor Link Parameters

The Surround Compressor’s Link section provides the following parameters:

Circuit Type pop-up menu: Choose the type of circuit emulated by the Surround

Compressor. The choices are Platinum, Classic A_R, Classic A_U, VCA, FET, and Opto

Grp. (Group) pop-up menus: Set group membership for each channel (A, B, C, or no

group (indicated by -). Moving the Threshold or Output Level slider for any grouped
channel will move the sliders for all channels assigned to that group.

Tip: Press Command and Option while moving the Threshold or Output Level slider
of a grouped channel to temporarily unlink the channel from the group. This allows
you to make independent threshold settings while maintaining the side-chain detection
link necessary for a stable surround image.

Byp (Bypass) buttons: Independently bypasses the corresponding channel unless

grouped. If the channel belongs to a group, all channels in the group are bypassed.

Detection pop-up menu: Determines if the Surround Compressor uses the maximum

level of each signal (Max) or the summed level of all signals (Sum) to exceed or fall
below the threshold.

• If Max is chosen, and any of the surround channels exceeds or falls below the

Threshold, that channel (or grouped channels) is compressed.

• If Sum is chosen, the combined level of all channels must exceed the Threshold

before compression occurs.


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