Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Gain Plug-in

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Gain Plug-in

Gain amplifies (or reduces) the signal by a specific decibel amount.

Gain slider and field: Sets the amount of gain.

Phase Invert Left and Right buttons: Invert the phase of the left and right channels,


Balance knob and field: Adjusts the balance of the incoming signal between the left

and right channels.

Swap L/R (Left/Right) button: Swaps the left and right output channels. The swapping

occurs after the Balance parameter in the signal path.

Mono button: Outputs the summed mono signal on both the left and right channels.

Note: The Gain plug-in is available in mono, mono to stereo, and stereo instances. In
mono and mono to stereo modes, only one Phase Invert button is available. In the mono
version, the Stereo Balance, Swap Left/Right, and Mono parameters are disabled.

Using Phase Inversion

Inverting phase is useful for dealing with time alignment problems, particularly those
caused by simultaneous recording with multiple microphones. When you invert the
phase of a signal heard in isolation, it sounds identical to the original. When the signal
is heard in conjunction with other signals, however, phase inversion may have an audible
effect. For example, if you place microphones above and below a snare drum, you may
find that inverting the phase of either microphone can improve (or ruin) the sound. As
always, rely on your ears.