Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Setting Other Compressor Parameters

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Setting Other Compressor Parameters

As the Compressor reduces levels, the overall volume at its output is typically lower than
the input signal. You can adjust the output level with the Gain slider.

You can also use the Auto Gain parameter to compensate for the level reduction caused
by compression (choose either −12 dB or 0 dB).

When you use the Platinum circuit type, the Compressor can analyze the signal using
one of two methods: Peak or root mean square (RMS). While Peak is more technically
accurate, RMS provides a better indication of how people perceive the signal loudness.


Chapter 4

Levels Effects

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Note: If you activate Auto Gain and RMS simultaneously, the signal may become
over-saturated. If you hear any distortion, switch Auto Gain off and adjust the Gain slider
until the distortion is inaudible.