Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - AutoFilter Output Parameters

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AutoFilter Output Parameters

The Output parameters are used to set the wet/dry balance and overall level.

Dry Signal slider and field: Sets the amount of the original dry signal added to the filtered


Main Out slider and field: Sets the overall output level of the AutoFilter, allowing you

to compensate for higher levels caused by adding distortion—or by the filtering process


Chapter 3


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Channel EQ

The Channel EQ is a highly versatile multiband EQ. It provides eight frequency bands,
including lowpass and highpass filters, low and high shelving filters, and four flexible
parametric bands. It also features an integrated Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Analyzer that
you can use to view the frequency curve of the audio you want to modify, allowing you
to see which parts of the frequency spectrum may need adjustment.

You can use the Channel EQ to shape the sound of an individual clip. The Analyzer and
graphic controls make it easy to view and change the audio signal in real time.