Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - AutoFilter LFO Parameters

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AutoFilter LFO Parameters

The LFO is used as a modulation source for filter cutoff.

Coarse Rate knob, Fine Rate slider and field: Used to set the speed of LFO modulation.

Drag the Coarse Rate knob to set the LFO frequency in Hertz. Drag the Fine Rate slider
(the semicircular slider above the Coarse Rate knob) to fine-tune the frequency.

Note: The labels shown for the Rate knob, slider, and field change when you activate
Beat Sync. Only the Rate knob (and field) is available.

Beat Sync button: Activate to synchronize the LFO to the host application tempo. You

can choose from bar values, triplet values, and more. These are determined by the Rate
knob or field.

Phase knob and field: Shifts the phase relationship between the LFO rate and the host

application tempo—when Beat Sync is active. This parameter is dimmed when Beat
Sync is disabled.

Decay/Delay knob and field: Sets the amount of time it takes for the LFO to go from 0

to its maximum value.

Rate Mod. knob and field: Sets the rate of modulation for the LFO frequency, independent

of the input signal level. Typically, when the input signal exceeds the threshold, the
modulation width of the LFO increases from 0 to the Rate Mod. value. This parameter
allows you to override this behavior.

Stereo Phase knob and field: In stereo instances of the AutoFilter, sets the phase

relationship of the LFO modulations between the two channels.

Cutoff Mod. slider and field: Determines the impact of the LFO on the cutoff frequency.

Retrigger button: When the Retrigger button is active, the waveform starts at 0 each

time the threshold is exceeded.

Waveform buttons: Click one of the following buttons to set the shape of the LFO

waveform: descending sawtooth, ascending sawtooth, triangle, pulse wave, or random.

Pulse Width slider and field: Shapes the curve of the selected waveform.


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