Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - AutoFilter Filter Parameters

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AutoFilter Filter Parameters

The Filter parameters allow you to precisely tailor the tonal color.

Cutoff knob and field: Sets the cutoff frequency for the filter. Higher frequencies are

attenuated, whereas lower frequencies are allowed to pass through in a lowpass filter.
The reverse is true in a highpass filter. When the State Variable Filter is set to bandpass
(BP) mode, the filter cutoff determines the center frequency of the frequency band that
is allowed to pass.

Resonance knob and field: Boosts or cuts the signals in the frequency band that surrounds

the cutoff frequency. Use of very high Resonance values causes the filter to begin
oscillating at the cutoff frequency. This self-oscillation occurs before you reach the
maximum Resonance value.

Fatness slider and field: Boosts the level of low frequency content. When you set Fatness

to its maximum value, adjusting Resonance has no effect on frequencies below the
cutoff frequency. This parameter is used to compensate for a weak or “brittle” sound
caused by high resonance values, when in the lowpass filter mode.

State Variable Filter buttons: Switch the filter between highpass (HP), bandpass (BP), or

lowpass (LP) modes.

4-Pole Lowpass Filter buttons: Set the slope of the filter to 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB per

octave—when the lowpass (LP) filter is chosen as the State Variable Filter.


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