Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Getting to Know Delay Designer’s Main Display

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Getting to Know Delay Designer’s Main Display

Delay Designer’s main display is used to view and edit tap parameters. You can freely
determine the parameter shown, and quickly zoom or navigate through all taps.

View buttons

Toggle buttons

Autozoom button

Overview display

Tap display

Identification bar

View buttons: Determine the parameter or parameters represented in the Tap display.


Using Delay Designer’s View Buttons


Autozoom button: Zooms the Tap display out, making all taps visible. Turn Autozoom

off if you want to zoom the display in (by dragging vertically on the Overview display)
to view specific taps.

Overview display: Shows all taps in the time range. See

Zooming and Navigating

Delay Designer’s Tap Display


Toggle buttons: Click to enable or disable the parameters of a particular tap. The

parameter being toggled is chosen with the view buttons. The label at the left of the
toggle bar always indicates the parameter being toggled. For more information, see

Using Delay Designer’s Tap Toggle Buttons



Chapter 2

Echo Effects

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Tap display: Represents each tap as a shaded line. Each tap contains a bright bar (or

dot for stereo panning) that indicates the value of the parameter. You can directly edit
tap parameters in the Tap display area. For more details, see

Editing Parameters in

Delay Designer’s Tap Display


Identification bar: Shows an identification letter for each tap. It also serves as a time

position indicator for each tap. You may freely move taps backward or forward in time
along this bar/timeline. See

Moving and Deleting Taps in Delay Designer