Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Identifying Taps in Delay Designer

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Identifying Taps in Delay Designer

Taps are assigned letters, based on their order of creation. The first tap to be created is
assigned as Tap A, the second tap is assigned as Tap B, and so on. Once assigned, each
tap is always identified by the same letter, even when moved in time, and therefore
reordered. For example, if you initially create three taps they will be named Tap A, Tap B,
and Tap C. If you then change the delay time of Tap B so that it precedes Tap A, it will
still be called Tap B.


Chapter 2

Echo Effects

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The Identification bar shows the letter of each visible tap. The Tap Delay field of the Tap
parameter bar displays the letter of the currently selected tap, or the letter of the tap
being edited when multiple taps are selected (for details, see

Selecting Taps in

Delay Designer