Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Delay Designer Tap Creation Suggestions

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Delay Designer Tap Creation Suggestions

The fastest way to create multiple taps is to use the Tap pads. If you have a specific rhythm
in mind, you might find it easier to tap out your rhythm on dedicated hardware controller
buttons, instead of using mouse clicks. If you have a MIDI controller, you can assign the
Tap pads to buttons on your device. For information about assigning controllers, see the
Control Surfaces Support manual.

Note: Whenever you click the Start Tap pad, it automatically erases all existing taps. Given
this behavior, after you create your initial taps you will want to create subsequent taps
by clicking in the Identification bar.

After a tap has been created, you can freely adjust its position, or you can remove it if it
was created accidentally. For details, see

Moving and Deleting Taps in Delay Designer