Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Delay Designer

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Echo Effects


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• Highpass and lowpass filtering

• Pitch transposition (up or down)

Further effect-wide parameters include synchronization, quantization, and feedback.

As the name implies, Delay Designer offers significant sound design potential. You can
use it for everything from a basic echo effect to an audio pattern sequencer. You can
create complex, evolving, moving rhythms by synchronizing the placement of taps. This
leads to further musical possibilities when coupled with judicious use of transposition
and filtering. Alternatively, you can set up numerous taps as repeats of other taps, much
as you would use the feedback control of a simple delay, but with individual control over
each repeat.

You can use Delay Designer with mono, stereo, or surround clips. See

Working with

Delay Designer in Surround

for details on using it in surround.