Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Modulating the Ringshifter with the LFO

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Modulating the Ringshifter with the LFO

The oscillator Frequency and Dry/Wet parameters can be modulated with the LFO—and
the envelope follower (see

Modulating the Ringshifter with the Envelope Follower

). The

oscillator frequency even allows modulation through the 0 Hz point, thus changing the
oscillation direction. The LFO produces continuous, cycled control signals.

Power button: Turns the LFO on or off and enables the following parameters.

Symmetry and Smooth sliders and fields: These controls, on either side of the Waveform

display, change the shape of the LFO waveform.

Waveform display: The LFO waveform display provides visual feedback about the

waveform shape.

Rate knob and field: Sets the (waveform cycle) speed of the LFO.

Sync button: Synchronizes the LFO cycles (LFO rate) with the project tempo, using

musical note values.