Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Modulating the Ringshifter with the Envelope Follower

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Modulating the Ringshifter with the Envelope Follower

The oscillator Frequency and Dry/Wet parameters can be modulated with the internal
envelope follower—and the LFO (see

Modulating the Ringshifter with the LFO

). The

oscillator frequency even allows modulation through the 0 Hz point, thus changing the
oscillation direction.

The envelope follower analyzes the amplitude (volume) of the input signal and uses this
to create a continuously changing control signal—a dynamic volume envelope of the
input signal. This control signal can be used for modulation purposes.

Power button: Turns the envelope follower on or off and enables the following


Sens(itivity) slider and field: Determines how responsive the envelope follower is to the

input signal. At lower settings, the envelope follower reacts only to the most dominant
signal peaks. At higher settings, the envelope follower tracks the signal more closely,
but may react less dynamically.

Attack slider and field: Sets the response time of the envelope follower.

Decay slider and field: Controls the time it takes the envelope follower to return from

a higher to a lower value.


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