Final Cut Pro X Logic Effects - Distortion II

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Distortion II

Distortion II emulates the distortion circuit of a Hammond B3 organ. You can use it on
musical instruments to recreate this classic effect, or use it creatively when designing
new sounds.

PreGain knob: Sets the amount of gain applied to the input signal.

Drive knob: Sets the amount of saturation applied to the signal.

Tone knob: Sets the frequency of the highpass filter. Filtering the harmonically rich

distorted signal produces a softer tone.

Type pop-up menu: Choose the type of distortion you want to apply:

Growl: Emulates a two-stage tube amplifier similar to the type found in a Leslie 122

speaker cabinet, which is often used with the Hammond B3 organ.

Bity: Emulates the sound of a bluesy (overdriven) guitar amp.

Nasty: Produces hard distortion, suitable for creating very aggressive sounds.